My Best Friend’s Wedding

A month ago today, I was the Maid of Honor in my best friend Amy’s wedding. I can’t believe it’s been a month already. It was a perfect labor day weekend wedding. Sun was shining, sky was blue with big white fluffy clouds. The temperature was mid- high 70’s. Amy looked stunning. It was just perfect. The best thing about that day though was seeing how happy my best friend was with her little family.

Amy has been with Josh for  about 5 1/2 years now. They have their amazing 4 1/2 year old son, Dominic whom I adore. Everything kind of happened the opposite way Amy had dreamed of, you know the whole getting married then having a baby thing. If you were to ask her now if she wished it was different she wouldn’t change it for the world. Dominic was a big part of their wedding. He was the ring bearer and danced the first dance with mom and dad. He was ripping up the dance floor with his moves showing everyone how to have a good time. It was literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.

The second best thing I saw that day, was the permanent smile on Josh’s face. How truly happy he was that day and how much he cared about Amy and Dominic. They are his world. It made my heart smile to see such pure, true love between them. It made me believe there is still such thing in this world and gives me hope.

Amy is like a sister to me. We have been best friends for over 25 years. That means most of our lives we have had each other around. We have been through a lot together, anything you can think of, I can almost guarantee we went through it. We for sure have had our differences but in any type of relationship who doesn’t.I’ve watched Amy go through her stages of life and she’s watched me go through mine. She is the one person I go to about almost everything and she tells me straight up what she thinks, no beating around the bush. As I get older, I appreciate that so much more.

Seeing your unbiological sister so incredibly happy, is quite a feeling. To be part of that day with her was amazing. I can’t wait for her to one day be able to share my special day with me.


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