Last weekend, I traveled to Denver to visit my sister for the long weekend. What a beautiful place to visit. The city has a little bit of everything, then you can drive an hour to the mountains. The views of the Rocky Mountains are breathtaking.

We went to Golden, CO. when we first got there. Went to the Coors brewery, where I learned they brew many more of my favorite beers than I realized. When you were done with the tour you had a beer tasting where you were allowed to try 3 beers. These beers were full 16 oz glasses, which is awesome! The whole tour and tasting were free so I got my buzz on for free! So great.

We grabbed some delicious local pizza and headed back to my sister’s apartment to get ready for the night. We were meeting some of my sister and her husband’s friends out that night. Us girls got dressed up and walked out to the bar. This bar was called franks and was very small. You head out back and there is a dark lighted patio/basement type area. With string colored lights and reminded you of a basement. Really cool and relaxed if you want to just sit and chill with friends. 2 of us not really knowing anyone is was kind of boring, but just sucked it up and drank. We headed to the next bar where these 2 people wearing dino costumes came in right behind us. I thought it was hilarious. Ended up being 2 girls who were best friends, 1 was moving away so they were doing their last weekend together big. They were having a blast. I loved it. We took scorpion shots and pickle back shots which were quite memorable.

Then we went to this distillery/bar called Mile high. DJ was on point with the music from high school/college. Made me not feel so old since everyone else knew the songs and looked about my age. It was great. A lot of fun but as the night went on and guys got drunker, it got crazier. I’ll just leave it at that,guys don’t hold back. We had enough and walked home. It was a fun night.

Next day we went to a really cool brunch place where there were bottomless mimosas. You pay $11 for endless mimosas for 3 hours. You can’t lose! Then we went to a dispensary and bought some edibles. Took a while for them to kick in but after about and hour you felt them pretty good. We went and got dinner at this Mexican restaurant and got an awesome breakfast burrito. Went home and just relaxed after. It was a relaxing day.

Monday we went to Rocky mountain national park and took a little hike. It was so beautiful up there in the mountains. Their views were breathtaking. We spent a few hours there and then went to Boulder and saw downtown shopping and restaurants. We stopped at this place that had a bison burger so i tried it. Pretty tasty! Then we went to Edgewater where there were some really cool bars.

Tuesday we had brunch at Snooze which had amazing eggs Benedict and pumpkin spice pancakes! We walked downtown Denver and went to the Mall strip. Really cool place. People just got down there on their lunch and you can play games, sit in a court-yard, go shopping or almost anything else. My sister had to bring us to one last brewery called First draft where they had 40 different drafts and you pick and pour yourself. It was pretty cool. After that we had to head to the airport and go home. We did a lot in 4 days and it was a great trip. I’d love to go back and adventure more. I definitely see why people rant and rave about living or visiting there.



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