I’m back!

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. Like I mentioned in an earlier post winter is my “hibernating/depressed” season. So If i wrote anything it’d probably all be really sad and no one would want to read that. I’m still in that ehhh state but have hopes it’ll be over soon.

With the new year I started back on weight watchers. Lost 9lbs in the first month and felt great. Then I had thermal ablation done in my left leg and that prevented me from exercising for 2 weeks. So I was at a stand still. I’ll do a blog later about the vein thing. I had a week to get back to exercising and feeling great before I headed to San Fransisco for a nice 5 day get-away.

Nice 5-day getaway huh? It was hectic and exhausting. We walked so much and the whole city is just a steep hill. I’ve never seen anything like it. We went down to Fisherman’s Warf, China town, Little Italy, Alcatraz Island, San Fransisco Zoo, the beach, Muir Woods to see the redwoods, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma for some fancy wine tasting and shopping. And TONS of eating food. Delicious bad for you food. So good I gained back 8lbs that I lost. 😦 Yeah great trip but kinda of depressing to come back and all that hard work I had done before was gone.

That next Monday I had the vein ablation done on my right leg, so I was out of exercising for 2 more weeks. Just what I wanted to hear after I got on the scale and wanted to do some serious damage in the gym. I waited a week and attempted to do some cardio. was fine Monday but pushed it a bit too hard on Tuesday. My right thigh was sore to touch and really red. So I had to stop and let me self heal. Well That Thursday I was going away for the weekend with my friends to Killington,VT. Hoping my leg would feel better I journeyed on the trip. It was pretty sore all weekend. Lesson learned do what the doctors recommend and not what you want to do. I’m lucky I didn’t do some serious damage. Or maybe I did and I don’t know yet, my follow up is in 2 weeks.

I’ve been back exercising for going on my 3rd week and I feel great. Only thing is the scale isn’t budging. I lost 5lbs after San Fran but I can’t budge past that. I’m going crazy.  I’ll have to do some research tonight and see what I can do to alter my eating habits and get something to work. Something’s gotta give.


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